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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: We are far away from your headquarters, will you come to us?

A: Yes, we will. As we grow, centers that have less than 20 children will have to be scheduled with an afternoon appointment, but if you received our postcard, we will come to you.

Q: Can we pick more than one background?

A: We prefer you choose only one. Each background is an entire different setup and to photograph children on multiple backgrounds in a day could be quite difficult. The reason why we advertise so many backgrounds is so our schools can see the quality of work and rotate different background each season or year. In the extreme rear occasion that we allow two backgrounds, parents have to choose one ahead of time from the parent form that we would provide. It would be their responsibility to turn that form back into their school. We would photograph on one background and when all the children were finished on that scene photograph on the second. View Backgrounds

Q: What are your prices?

A: Our single sheets start at $15. That would be for 1 (8x10), 2 (5x7), 8 wallets, etc. whatever would fit into that sheet size.

Q: How much are your packages?

A: Packages are less expensive per sheet than single sheets. Our lowest costing package (4 sheet) is ONLY $49.95. We also have a 6, 7 & 9 sheet package with class photo, (10 sheets without). The 9 sheet package is just under $8.00 per sheet.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Since parents choose what they want and see the quality of picture and expression beforehand on photo quality proofs, we do not offer refunds.

Q: Will you take sibling photographs, together and separate?

A: Yes, we will. Sibling photographs can also be mixed and matched into single sheets or packages. Parents do not have to order two full packages of the siblings individual to get their together one half price. They order exactly what they want.

Q: Can you provide references?

A: Yes, we have centers that have used us for years and photograph two to three times a year.

Q: What incentives do you offer?

A: We offer a free staff member individual photo, free class photograph for every teacher and one extra for the center. We also offer 50% off sheets and packages for children of staff members. In lieu of the discounted packages, the director or staff member who helped the photographer during the entire picture day could receive a free 6 sheet "Package B". We also offer discounts for centers who would take photographs a little earlier in the season then the traditional times. For instance there is a 15% discount for centers who photograph between January 1st and January 31st and from around August 15th to around September 12th.

Q: We did not turn in our order form in on time. Can we still order our pictures?

A: Yes, you can mail the order form to the address on the front of the proof page. Include $6.50 for shipping & handling and we will send it directly to your home in about 3 weeks.

Q: We are interested. How do we schedule?

A: Call us at 1-800-986-1109. We do not telemarket. We respect and value your business time and do not want to waste it over the phone like other companies do with hard pushy sales people and "a sales pitch". We have found that companies that do so often "sell the sizzle and not the steak", plus we respect the national do not call list. We ask you to call us if interested. We want schools that will use us as their primary picture company, or try us out as something different then the limitations that they have been used to. Much of our new business is centers that had bad experiences with other photography companies in the past, so they turn to us. WE are determined to keep their business while maintaining complete customer satisfaction.