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About Little Stars Preschool Portraits:

We are a family owned company, currently photographing from Maine to Florida, as well as the Mid-west. We are commitmented to allow more options in portrait selection, superior quality and affordability than any other company in the industry.

Little Stars provides a variety of poses and expressions so parents can create their own packages or gift items from sample proofs order form we provide for every child. Each child's image is on the sheets, gift items and designer pages, so there is no question what the child's picture would look on a keychain or coffee mug for instance.

Parents will have the option to purchase single sheets, packages, gift items, enlargements, seasonal and non-seasonal holiday cards, Black & White or Sepia tone prints in any combination. They can mix and match from multiple poses to create their own unique packages. The larger the package in sheet size the lower the cost per sheet. There is no prepay or obligation to purchase and parents pay for only what they want.

When you receive one of our postcards, you can choose one scene and the options like class group, composite or just individual portraits. We will do our best to schedule at the school's convenience and provide full customer service for our schools and parents. Our schools receive a large poster with the background to hang as a reminder of the time, date, scene. Parent forms are also provided with a section where parents can write any special requests. Our photographers pay attention to detail in the posing and grooming of the children. We bring combs and baby wipes for this purpose.

About 7 to 10 days after picture day, the proof order form of every child will arrive at the center along with a pre-paid return envelope. We usually give our parents about a week and a half to return the order forms whether ordered or not and a deadline date will be on the back of the order form.

To allow time to process the orders, your schools photographs will be mailed to the center about two weeks after we receive the orders. From picture day to delivery day is about 4 weeks, as long as parents are turning in the order on time and the center mails the pre-paid envelope out in a timely fashion.